Music to my ears…


I absolutely love listening to music – there’s no doubt about it, there isn’t much of time if I’m alone when I’m not listening to music! Due to music being such a big and important thing in my life I thought that I would start writing some blog posts about the different types of music and songs that I am loving at the moment! You guys can check them out and let me know what you think and any recommendations that you have for me to listen to as well!

I have a very varied music taste and have never been able to pin point what I like when asked – ‘what sort of music are you in to?’ – there’s just to many different things that I love to listen too! My go to everyday pick is more indie-chilled-rock type music, I really don’t know how to describe it, I just love any song that  makes me happy and puts a smile on my face! My friend once described my music taste  to be the ‘soundtrack to Made it Chelsea’ – funny as it sounds it’s actually pretty true, I love all of the music they play on the show! However I also love listening to a bit of super cheesy pop music and especially old ‘throwback’ song are the best!!

Here are my  top 10 songs that I have been listening to at the moment:

  1. Modern Love – Coasts
  2. Technicolour Beat – Oh Wonder
  3. Bloodshake – Peace
  4. Gold – Kiiara
  5. Believe – Mumford and Sons
  6. Wild horses – Birdy
  7. Bright – Echosmith
  8. I forgot to tell you your beautiful – Josh Weller
  9. Sugar – Jason Born
  10. Drink, Dance, Play – Young Kato

I have linked them all on YouTube – but they are all available on Spotify as well!! Let know why you think about these sorts of posts!

  • Zeynab

    I a exactly the same. my taste in music is so varied. I absolutely love Believe by Mumford & Sons. Great list.

    Zeynab 🙂
    The Beauty Load

    • Thank youu!! Ahhhh I love that song so much! I had it on repeat for ages the other day! 🙂

  • I’m definitely going to get listening to these, I’m in need of some new music recommendations! xx

    • Awwww good! Yess definitely check them out there’re great! xx