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Ideas on paper is an independent magazine/bookstore located in the Nottingham Hockley area, in a beautiful place called Cobden Chambers which is described as a local ‘hub’ for independent retail businesses (All with a very art/fashion related theme to them). Ideas on paper is the prettiestĀ magazine store I have ever steped foot in; with floor to ceiling shelves stacked with an array of magazines and books, an oasis for any lover of magazines and print. The store offers a wide range of magazine and books with many different topic areas, a lot of the magazines stocked are more independent magazines that you would not find in your local newsagent – making it the perfect place to go if you are looking for something a little different.

The other part of the store that I love is the owner – Alex – he is absolutely lovely and is one of the most helpful/friendly people working in retail that I have ever met! On my first time in store he friendly greeted me and went on to ask if I needed any help. I was in the store looking for something to help me with a University project at the time and proceeded to spend the next hour in the store sitting in a cosy chair in the corner flicking through magazines with the help of Alex and discussing the store and the project I was working on. I ended up purchasing two magazines that I had never even heard of before; Violet and Oh Comedy, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would definitely recommend anyone to have a look at! So, if you are in the Nottingham area I would 100% suggest popping into this store and seeing what it has to offer! I will leave some of the store details at the bottom of the post – so you can have a little nose at the place!





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Let me know what you think/if you’ve ever been before and what you think of it!