Style Inspiration | Kate Moss

I am a true Kate Moss lover and have been obsessed with her for a few years now, I just think she’s absolutely stunning, both in high-end photo shoots and when she’s walking down the road hung over from the night before. She is what my grandma would call – a natural beauty – without needing to be super dressed up all of the time but always looking beautiful. Kate has such as distinctive ‘rock chick’ style that she is so well-known for and wears it amazingly. Forever being seen wearing boots and a classic leather jacket. Kate is the reason that I always used to want a leather jacket and have always looked up to for inspiration! She is someone who I always love to see what she is wearing and who she styles things – always with a touch of rock and edge to the outfit. Here are some of my favourite outfits that she has worn!


London Celebrity Sightings -  October 8, 2014

Kate Moss_0







What do you think about Kate’s style?