What I do in the mornings… 

Morning morning morning!! I have been in a great place at the moment with my mornings – not normally being the best person at getting out of bed – but I have found a routine that I absolutely love and is putting me in the best mood for the rest of my day! Thought I’d share my reunite and some tips – to hopefully help you guys have a better morning to!

So first things first – I have to mention the new waking up alarm app that I have been using! Sleep Time is an app I downloaded on my phone that claims to track your sleep and wake you up at the best possible time within a certain timeframe. And I swear 100% that it works, I have no idea how, but it does! I wake up soooo much easier and better when I use this app and am now using it everyday to get me up in the morning! GO AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW! I promise you’ll love it!


Then as soon as I get out of bed I take all of my vitamins! I won’t go into detail about the vitamin I take (I’ll save that for another post) but due to my slightly different eating habits I have to take quite a few to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need!


Next, I put on my gym clothes and head out the door! Recently I have been going to a few different early morning (7:30) gym classes with one of my friends, such as yoga or pilates, and then heading to gym for some cardio and weights after! I find that going to the gym in the morning always wakes me up and feeling a lot more productive with my day after knowing that I’ve already done something great!


When I get home I then like to stretch out for a bit just in my room (sometimes I follow YouTube videos – which are great) Stretching just makes me feel so much better and helps my muscles recover after going to the gym.


Then it’s time to tidy my room and make my bed! Someone once told me ‘Successful people always make there bed’ – now although this might be a load of all rubbish but I really feel like making my bed makes me feel a lot better and more put together when I know that my bed is made and my room is tidy! (Slightly OCD like that but lets move on!)


Finally its time to jump in the shower and get ready for the day! Making myself look presentable to the general public and not looking like I’m going to frighten anyone!


Then its time to go and have a fabby day!!!


Hope you guys liked this post and can pick up a few ideas or tips on what could help you in the morning! Let me know in the comments!