What I ate today | 1 

Hellloooo my loves! A new post today with a ‘what I ate’ – trying to be healthy at the moment and feel a bit better for summer! Hope you like having a little look at what I like to cook!!

Breakfast – Was super rushed this morning and had to run out the door with just an apple and a banana! (But better than nothing)

Lunch – lunch today was slightly off as I went for a breakfast option! Banana pancakes! My fave! With chopped strawberry and apple! It was deliciousssss!

Dinner – for dinner I decided to make a ‘healthy’ carbonara! Due to my mum being a Slimming World consultant I have always been bought put cooking carbonara in a slightly different way to normal by using Quark instead! I also opted for just a veggie option (I’m not actually vegetarian) with just peppers and onions along with some garlic and herbs thrown in!

Snack – I also has a cheeky little bowl of popcorn whilst being stuck doing Uni work! Super tasty and not to unhealthy!

I’m also a hugeeee drinker and drink glass after glass of water all day long! Today I added a bit of lemon and strawberry into my water just to make it taste a bit more flavoursome and I loved it!

Hope you guys have liked this post! I know I really love reading them! Let me know if you’d like to see some recipe posts!

Much love xxxx