5 Things I’ve learnt at University

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So now that my first year of university is over (cry) I thought I would fill you guys in on some little things I have learnt from my experience that I didn’t know before coming!

  • Moving away from home isn’t too scary! 

Before coming to Uni I was super scared about the thought of living alone in a flat full of people who I didn’t know without my family being there to help me. But you have to remember that no-one else has really done this before so everyone is in the same boat and not really sure whats going on! My flat all got on and were fab from day one so I had a great experience – making sure that you spend the time in your first week to get to know everyone is definitely important!

  • You do have to do work in 1st year no matter what people say

Now, before I can to uni soooo many people told me that first year was a bit of a write off and that there was never really that much work to do! But I can say that my experience was completely the opposite! I have had  a lot of work and different projects this year (definitely a lot more than I was expecting) all preparing us for the 2nd and 3rd year, so just remember that although your work load my not be a huge as 3rd year you will still definitely have to do some!

  • Making new friends isn’t as scary as you think

I am normally quite good at making friends and talking to new people, but was still quite nervous before coming! But there is really no need to worry, everyone here doesn’t know anyone and are all looking to make friends. All you have to do is be yourself and just say Hi, trust me people will be nicer than you think!

  • There is nothing wrong with spending all day in your pyjama’s

After long days spent in the library (or more likely late nights spent out in town aha!) there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending all day in your flat with your pyjamas on watching Netflix! With the even better news of not having your parents here to get dressed and do something!

  • Washing up sucks

The final thing on my list is that I have discovered that I reallyyyyyy hate washing up!! Out of all the ‘adult’ things you have to do at Uni, washing up is my least favourite – but still has to be done! However I have super exciting news of my house next year having a dishwasher! Woooooh!

So there you have it. 5 things that I have learnt a Uni this year (with a lot more things as well that havent been included!) Let me know what you guys have learnt at Uni or if your going this year!!


Much Love xxxxxx