Fashion Marketing and Branding | Year 1 Work


The fact that I have finished my first year at University is still absolutely crazy – I still can’t quite believe it! First year was amazing, I have really loved almost every minute off it (Apart from when I was sitting in the library at 2 in the morning!) Looking through my photos the other day I found a few that I’d taken of some of the work I have done before handing it in. I thought if anyone was interested in this course they might be interesting in having a little nose at a couple of things you do on the course. Now this is by no-means is all of the work I’ve done this year as I haven’t got photos of everything and a lot of group work and presentations are involved, this is only 3 examples out of around 12 ish projects we’ve had this year. But anyways I hope you like this little bit of info – let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Visual and Cultural: Visual Essay – Chosen subject topic: Alexa Chung


Principles of Fashion: Brand Book – Chosen Brand: Acne Studios

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Visual and Cultural: Group Project – Visual Product

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(And, yes! That is me in the middle of the poster – had to take one for the team aha!)


(Obligatory degree show photo! Dont judge aha!)

Much Love xxxxx