How to have a happier day

Now and again everyone gets a little down in the dumps, or has an off day, or we’re just feeling a little grumpy – it happens to everyone! Trying to live a happier life and be more positive is something I am focusing on a lot at the moment, and I want to share with you a few tips that I have found that make me feel better and happier. So let’s go!

The first tip I have for having a happier day is to just simply SMILE! Smile like you’ve never smiled before, and even if you are feeling down this will instantly make you feel at least a little better (trust me – scientists have proved it!). Normally I am a very smiley person anyways, but I have noticed that if I make a more conscious effort to smile it definitely does cheer me up! Also smiling at strangers or whoever you are interacting with will also cheer them up, as smiling is contagious, which makes me feel better knowning that I am spreading happiness! (I hope you’re sitting here with a smile on your face right now! If not – there will be trouble!)



The second tip to help you to have a happier day is to have a little dance party! Yes this once again sounds a little silly – but honestly having a dance around your house and just getting up and jumping around really boosts your mood! So put on your dancing shoes and your favourite song and you’ll feel better in an instant. The song I have especially been loving to do this too at the moment is Justin Timberlake’s new song (Link) its so catchy and uplifting I can’t help but dance around everytime I hear it – so have a little listen!


Another tip is to go and do some exercise. Doing exercise increases endorphins – which is scientifically proven to make you happier and improve your mood. I know that you won’t always feel like going and exercising to start with, but afterwards you will definitely feel better and happier!



The final tip I have is for you to just take some time out and do something that you enjoy. Whether that stopping for 5 minutes to have a cup of tea or relaxing for an hour in front of the TV. Do whatever you want to do, and for however long you can. Taking sometime for yourself is very important and then allows you to feel happier and more satisfied, helping you when you need to get back to work or whatever it is that you’re doing.



I really hope you guys have liked this post and has given you some helpful advise on what you can do whenever your feeling a little down. Just remember that you are amazing and you deserve to be happy!! (PS. Hope you don’t mind the gifs in this post aha! Just adding a bit of humour – I find them hilarious!) Let me know in the comments!

Much Love xxxx