Bill Cunningham

A little post here to just take a minute to think about the fashion photography legend that was Bill Cunningham. Very very sadly Bill passed away yesterday due to a stroke, but the memory of him as has photography will definitely live on for a long time. He’s a true inspiration.

I have been a fan on Bills photography for a very long time; predominately known for his New York street style images. The way that Bill lived his life was very unique and inspiring,  riding around New York city taking photos of people on the streets and basically documenting the entirety of the fashion world in New York city. Bill made such an impression on the fashion industry that in 2010 a documentary was made about him – which I really recommend watching,  its extremely interesting!

I’ve chosen a few of his favourite photos of mine that I think you guys would love too. Bill managed to capture such a variety of people and fashion trends, every collection of photos he did are so beautiful.









As Anna Wintour put it in the documentary about Mr. Cunningham, “I’ve said many times, ‘We all get dressed for Bill.’’

Bill will always be in my memory – may he rest in peace.

Much love xxxxx