Fendi’s Fairytale


To celebrate Fendi’s 90th the collected, titled ‘Legends and Fairytales’ was held in Rome, not only in Rome on a normal catwalk but on the Trevi Fountain. Yep. ON the Trevi Fountain, with the models walking seamlessly on a glass runway that covered the water. Magical is definitely the word to be used for the show. They really did pull out all of the stops to make an amazing ‘fairytale’ and dream come true really for all little girls that love clothes and wanted to live life in a fairytale.

The title on the show ‘Legends and Fairytales’ really does show through the collection in the looks themselves, with many of them being heavily featured with flowers and tapestry designs; that give the impression of being mythical and magical. The collection does definitely have a strong mythical feel to it, with ideas of being lost in a forest and ‘anciently’ meeting you’re prince charming themes running through my head. The beautiful floral designs are truly breathtaking, with many people having said that ‘you really had to be there to believe it happened’. But, here we all are, having not been there, but I am still left stunned over the amazing collection and show that has been created.

If Fendi would so kindly like to send me a dress, I would happily oblige to running off with my Prince Charming after seeing this collection!

Kendall Jenner featured as the opening model


Some of my favourite looks






Who doesn’t want a Princess castle on their dress?


Walking on water




Happy 90th Aniversary Fendi! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

What do you guys think of the collection?! Let me know in the comments!

Much Love xxxx