Alexa Chung Clothing Line


As some of you may know, or may have noticed – my style icon and ‘girl crush’ is the beautiful Alexa Chung. So, you can guess the large amount of excitement I had yesterday when hearing that Alexa will be bringing out her own fashion label. Titled, Alexachung. All that is known so far is that it will be a contemporary collection that will have a prices somewhere between high street and designer.

Alexa Chung told Business Of Fashion that, “I’m not making something that has got a crazy high price point. I want to make sure its something that is speaking to just everyone on the street.” – Which is very exciting news! So often celebrities bring out collections or ranges that have price points that are so high I would never be able to purchase anything – so I have high hopes for this one!!

Although the release doesn’t give much away about the collection I’m sure its going to be a very ‘typical’ Alexa style. Article reveal that she has already hired a design team of 6 who are in the works of designing the collection.

Keep May 2017 in your diaries everyone!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 15.34.27.png

Much Love xxxx