Inside the Industry

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‘Inside the Industry’ is a new idea that I have thought of; as a way of continuing learning about the fashion industry for my fashion course as well as having a place to write down what I find and share with you. This theme of these posts will involve information about different aspects of the fashion industry that you might like to know a little more about.

Something that I already know I want to specifically focus on is learning about important and influential individuals that work or have worked within the fashion industry. After completing my first year at University I have noticed that one thing I lack a lot of knowledge on involves knowing who’s who in the industry and the different impacts that people have had. So – I thought what better way to learn and make note of this was to feature it on my blog. As well as this I will also be looking into many other different aspects and making a collection of information that I am learning about.

I hope sharing the information that I will have gathered will help some of you, or you will find interesting to read! I am going to make a separate page (click link on the left column) in which I will place all of these post as a way of being able to find them easier!

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Much love xxxx