Alexa Chung ‘IT’ Book


Alexa Chung is such an inspiration to me, I can’t help but to want to write blog endless posts about her. So you’re going to have to get used to it! Today I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the book Alexa released back in 2013. I know this may seem like a super late post as it has now been out for 3 years, but I still think that this book is great and something I find myself still looking at on a very regular basis. When the book was announced I was very excited and years later I am still in love with it as I first was when I received it. (Funny sidenote – actually when I first ordered the book from Amazon I managed to order a German copy, and soon discovered my mistake after attempting to read the words and thinking my brain was having a malfunction! As you can probably guess I was very disappointed and hopped straight back online to order another one and DOUBLE checked that it would be in English! aha!) You can find a copy of the book here.



When it comes to Alexa, anything with her name involved and I will want one. She is a marketers dream and has built such an amazing career around it. This book is a great way to gain more of and insight into her personality and what she is like as a person.

The book is filled with her own personal photos, drawings and thoughts. Making is feel very raw and real, as if your getting to very personally find our about her – almost as if you are reading a little notebook of hers. The book talks about everything from heartbreak, to how to get dresses and even tips on how to take the perfect selfie (Although it does help when you have Alexa’s face!)



Personally I am not the biggest book reader – being dyslexic – I find it very hard and scary when faced with reading stupidly large books with tiny writing and millions of words. However this book is the perfect, with a lot of imagery included and there not being a bucket load of words it makes it a great chilled and easy read.

PS. It also looks super cute on your coffee table of bookshelf, or wherever you want to put it!



  • This looks cool! I actually haven’t heard too much about Alexa Chung but I love good books and I’m always looking for some with many photos to put next to my couch.

    Norina xx

  • I have been back and forth on buying this book. I love a pretty coffee table book that is a good read too.
    Fantastic post, I think you have convinced me!
    L x

    • Aw Thank You!!! You definitely should it’s so great! x