Coconut Lane + Discount code!

coconut lane

Coconut Lane is fast becoming one of my favourite online brands. They have been launched since October 2015 are increasingly growing and covering the entirety of my Instagram feed.

‘Think Unicorns, Mermaids and Mean Girls, add a touch of marble, a sprinkle of glitter and a Pineapple on top. Oh and a whole load of sassy slogans.’

The brand sell a range of products from phone and macbook cases, pillows, notebooks, jewellery and a whole bunch more. With super cute designs and slogans used on their products it makes them perfect for any girly girl, like me, looking for super cute items. Even if you may think you have never heard of the brand I guarantee that you will have seen there products featured on Instagram!

Recently I have been working with the brand and have become a brand ambassador (aka ‘Coconut Queen’ as they refer too!) Meaning that I have spent a lot go time on there website and thought that I would share with you a few of my top picks from the site! I have an order on the way at the moment and am planning another post reviewing the items I bought!

As you can see their items are SUPER cute and look amazing, I can’t wait to get some of wall art quotes and put them up in my room at University. Let me know what your favourite items are in the comments below!


You can use my discount code on the Coconut Lane website to receive 20% off of your order!!

Code: ‘dreaming20’

Make sure to enter the code at checkout and you can get these super cute items for even less!

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