The Slip Dress | Trend

For the Spring and Summer season this year, slip dresses have been a huge trend, with some of the biggest fashion houses taking the ‘underwear as outerwear trend’ up a notch by focusing on the slip dress. It is now ‘socially acceptable’ to walk around it what looks like either underwear or nightwear, and what makes it even better is that its super cute!!

Lots of celebrities have been loving this trend from the likes to Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! Styling the trend in many different ways to what suits them best!

Nicole Slip Dress

Rhianna Slip Dress

Galvan For Opening Ceremony Dinner Hosted By Swarovski

Selena Gomez Kicks Off Revival Tour With Official Concert After Party At Light Nightclub In Las Vegas

As these photos show, a slip dress looks absolutely stunning! They are perfect for an evening event, or a red carpet, or a fancy show! But back to reality for some of us; they can also be dressed down in the day time to look super cute and stylish, either with a casual jacket or wearing a t-shirt underneath (think Cher from clueless!!)



The slip dress can be as sophisticated as they are sexy and and as casual as they are dressy. What you pair with the slip dress is up to you and the event/style that you are going with.  Personally I love the slip dress worn with slick hair and a pair of killer heals to go all out and look super sexy; or the opposite, work with a causal tee underneath and a pair of converse of a more edgy and relaxed day  time look!

Here’s my top pick of slips….. (Remember to click the images for links!)

asos slip dress.jpg

slip dress 1

slip dress topshop .jpg

slip dress 2



  • I wore a white satiny version of that top dress to prom long ago. Slip dresses had a great comeback in the ’90s. And again. Very few changes. That shows how timeless they are.

  • i am OBSESSED with silk slip dresses at the moment. xx