John Frieda | Anti Frizz Primer


Hello lovelies!!! Todays post features anther item that I received in this months Birchbox – being the John Frieda anti frizz primer! Although I have only been using this product for a couple of weeks now but I am already in love with it! And an left wondering how I managed  and liked my hair without it!

You apply this product on wet hair after washing! Due to having quite long and VERY thick hair I use 2-3 pumps each time, applying the majority of the product on the mid/ends of my hair and a smaller amount around the top and roots.

This product acts as a primer for your hair, controlling the fizz and making it super smooth and soft! I find that I like using this a lot more having to apply it on wet hair before styling rather that having to apply cream on hair at the end and after styling (which on occasion can lead to a disaster  – well can for me anyways!!)


The product claims to ‘set the foundation for long lasting, frizz-resistant style. This potent, non-greasy primer, with the power of Frizz Immunity Complex works with each use to improve the hairs texture, increase manageability and gradually build up hair’s immunity against frizz, delivering smoother hair with every use!’  – and I personally do believe it does do just that!

I find that this product is great for taming my super frizzy hair and does this without making is greasy or having to weight it down by having to put a tone of product in it! I have seen a few people saying that the don’t like the product due to believing it is too thick and weighs down the hair making it flat – but I think this is just down to applying too much product! If you only apply a couple of pumps if find that this works magically!


If you are looking for non-frizzy and smooth hair I would definitely recommend trying this out! At only £9.99 there’s no reason not to! You can purchase it here! Let me know in the comments any of your thoughts on it!