Hair Ribbon | Current Obsession

Hello Lovelies!! Today I wanted to share with you one of my current obsessions. This being a hair ribbon! I know it sounds slightly childish, but when done in the right way it looks so super cute and girly! I’m in love! And have found myself doing it almost every day when I have to tie my hair up for work. Along with a scrunchie this is my favourite way to have my hair tied up and adds a super girly touch to any outfit!







This look can be achieved sooooo easily! All you need is a piece of ribbon, which I’m sure you could fine lying round your house somewhere (I did!) Or you can purchase some from online super cheaply, check out Amazon! When you have your ribbon, you then simply wrap it around your pony tail and tie in a bow, however you prefer! It is a super adaptable look and can be changed by the thickness and colour of the ribbon to match the look that you are trying to achieve!

Let me know in the comments what you think of this look!