Copper Obsession

Recently I have been ever so slight in love with anything that is copper. And by that I mean I have spent hours and hours obsessing over anything I can find that is copper and coming up with ideas for my new room at University this year! So, I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite pieces I have found, as well as the inspiration behind them and where about you should head to find some AMAZING pieces!


So starting off; Pinterest is the number 1 place to look when thinking about room design and finding cute ideas of how to change and decorate a room. Simply typing in ‘copper bedroom’ on Pinterest came up with an abundance of ideas and cute room layouts that I have fallen in love with! (Check out my Pinterest here!) Here are some of my favourite images that I have found, that have inspired my ideas for my own room.


Copper bedroom

copper bedroom 1

grey and pink bedroom

pink and grey bedroom

The colour scheme that I am going to go with is pink/grey/white with copper and rose gold accessories! Now, with my room being in a student house it obviously means that I am not able to do anything dramatic with the room, such as paint the walls or changing the furniture! But it does mean that I will purely have to rely on accessories and room decorations.


The Top 5 Places I have found to be great for specifically affordably and cute copper homeware are:

All of these places have various different copper homeware pieces that I cannot wait to collect and decorate my new room with!

(New Look Homeware is killing it at the moment!! – Below!)


What do you guys think about this aesthetic and the copper homeware trend? I’m also planning on doing some copper DIY projects (which could potentially be amazing or rather tragic – me and DIY  do not always go hand in hand!) But let me know in the comments if you would like to see what I do and how to do it!