How to get more ‘glowy’ skin!

I have been interested in skin care in as long as I can remember; I am that person that is constantly buying new skincare looking for the next best thing! However only recently have I found that I have a routine that I think is working absolutely amazingly for my skin. So, today I am going to share with you my current skincare items as well as some tips and tricks that I have been using in order to make my skin look clearer and more glowing!



Now I don’t just mean a sip or a glass! I mean a lot! I am a huge water fanatic and am constantly drinking and the person walking around with a drink in my hand! Water is just soooooo good for your skin, I really don’t think that it needs any explanation! The recommended amount of water to drink is 6-8 cups a day, however I definitely drink more that this and suggest that you do too! Not only is it good for your skin but it is also great for your diet and helps to keep you full up throughout the day!



Need I day anymore? Going to bed with your makeup can absolutely ruin your skin and leaves it looking dull and clogged up for the next day. Even if you can’t be bothered to do a whole night-time skin care routine, just please please please make sure that you are at least taking your make up off from the day. This Emma Hardie Clensing balm is an absolute fave of mine to use for taking your make up off, always leaving my skin feel squeaky clean and luxuriously looked after.



The way that some companies market certain makes them sound like gods gift and that they will work miracles on your skin; which yes some of them do! However, I really really recommend not to over do it with them and only use a face mask once or twice a week! Instead of making the mistake that I did and wanting to use a different one each night and resulting in your skin having a little freak out and not knowing what you are trying to do it to! So once or twice a week is my recommendation! My favourite mask I have been using at the moment is the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask, which has been great for clarifying and detoxifying my skin! 


My final tips is to make sure that you wash your hands as regularly as you can; throughout the day we are all constantly touching are faces and eyes and lips; all with the grossness and the germs that are upon are hands for the entire day. You never know what sort of stuff could be on them and then more often than not we will touch are face, leaving horribleness on our skin. However if you just make a little more of a conscious effort to wash your hands, then your skin should begin to look and feel cleaner.


So there you have it – my tips for making your skin better! I also have some ideas and rules that I have been following food wise in order to clear up my skin – so comment below if you’d like to hear about those! And be sure to let me know your tips as well!

  • Great tips! I live by them! People don’t realize how many times we touch our face during a day. That’s why it’s super important to wash your hands very often. I’m a freak for that I wash my hands all the time. Drinking a lot of water helps a lot too. I notice my skin breaks out more when I don’t drink enough during a day.
    Aurelie |

  • Nicole

    Love these tips! I’ve been obsessed with that Kiehl’s Tumeric mask for so long!

    xx Nicole

  • I’ve heard a lot about the L’Oreal masks, I really want to try one!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Glowy skin is basically my dream haha, I just wish my skin wasn’t so awkward!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx