Top skincare picks for January


DRY JANUARY. Dry skin, dry hair (supposed dry drinking) dry lips. Nope nope nope, we don’t need any of that around here. For some keeping skin moisturizer during the winter months can be very difficult and annoying. So to stop all of this, here are my top favourite moisturising masks that I have been loving this January to keep my skin super moisturised and glowy.


Emma Hardie Amazing Face 

This is an overnight mask that leaves you waking up looking 10x better than when you went to sleep. It’s super hydrating and gives my skin a lovely sheen in the morning.


Caudalie glycollic Peel

 This one is great for making your skin feel fresh,cleansed and clean, almost as if it’s pulling of the horrible layer of yuk on your face!


L’Oreal Pure clay detox mask

You can go wrong with this one, it does what it says on the tin, detoxs your face. Declogging the pores and smoothing out you skin this one is just brilliant.

Garnier Skinactive moisture bomb tissue mask

 Now last, but no means least is this sheet mask by Garnier. No words can describe how much my skin loves this mask, it is super rejuvenating and mosiurising and makes the skin beautifully glowing and full of moisture!


What’s your favourite face mask?!