Vogue Runway App



As a little girl I used to dream of going to fashion week, seeing the amazing dresses, models, celebrities, writers, photogrphers, everyone! But 19 years old an that dream has still not yet become a reality. Nether the less, I have found the next best thing. The Vogue Runway app! This app updates in realtime during fashion weeks sharing the full collection of runway looks from every designer you could imagine.


It is a great way of being in the know, without actually being there. With LFW coming up in the next couple of weeks I thought what better time than now to share this with you. Not only does the app show the current shows it also contains an archive dating back to 1991, with the Versace ready-to-wear collection. I have spent hours and hours on this app looking through all of the images. Its amazing, and you should go and download it RIGHT NOW to check it out (added bonus – its free!!)