The Deconstructed Shirt | Trend

The Deconstructed Shirt | Trend


The deconstructed shirt trend is one of my favourites at the moment. No more boring plain old shirts, instead they are being switched up with a range of fabrics, colours, textures, shapes, sizes, you name it, they’ve changed it. This trend is definitely going to be huge this spring, so get ready and get yours first. Here are a few of my favourites gathered from a range of places (click images for links). My favourites having to be the ones also sporting the off the shoulder trend. Wear with jeans, trousers, skirts; whatever you want basically! This trend is so versatile, a modern twist on a classic piece! Super cute, and perfect for when the weather warms up a little!

Topshop: Tie Wrap Poplin Shirt – £32

Topshop: Gingham Re-worked Shirt – £34

Zara: Oversized Embroidered Shirt – £25.99


Zara: Shirt With Back Bows – £29.99

River Island: Pink Frill Sleeve Loose Shirt – £28