Alexandra Shulman Lecture

Last week my University managed to get Alexandra Shulman to visit, giving us a Q&A session about her past 25 years as the editor of British Vogue. It was an incredible opportunity to listen to someone who I have admired and looked up to for many years now, and just listen to how speaks and perceives the world.

Alexandra spoke about making the decision to leave, revealing that she made the decision in a single night, called up someone the next morning informing them of the news. She gave insight into the Kate 100 year cover informing that she had been turned down by Kate many times before and managed to find common ground with the Princess due to both of their connections with the National Portrait Gallery. She spoke about her relationship with Christopher Baily, Mario Testino and reveled that she is excited to see what the next editor (Edward Enninful) is going to do with the magazine.

I just wanted to write this little post to commemorate the moment and really for me to look back on and remember, also still pondering at how Trent managed to get her to come and speak to us! GOOOOO TRENT!