Fashion Marketing and Branding – 2nd year is over!!!!

My second year at University is now officially over (sad face!). I cannot believe just how quickly this year has flown past, thinking back to September when we started it seems crazy that we have now finished 2nd year! If you don’t know already, I study Fashion Marketing and Branding at Nottingham Trent University and I absolutely love it. I really couldn’t picture myself studying anything else, anywhere else!

We have worked on a lot of ‘live projects’ this year, working with Next and Boots on separate projects. My team was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present at Boots head office, and overall became the winning team out of the course and have been given the opportunity to do a work placement at Boots over the summer. My favourite project has been are final branding project, allowing us to be very creative and come up with a whole brand idea based upon a product design students project. I have made some amazing friends on my course and couldn’t imagine doing it without all of them – cannot wait for 3rd year to begin already so we can be back together!





If you are interested in studying on the course or at Nottingham Trent – don’t hestiate to ask any questions.