Turning 20…..

Last Wednesday was the day of my 20th birthday (the excitement to not be called a teenager was very high). The day was wonderful from beginning to end and I want to write this to allow me to look back and appreciate the amazing day that I had.

The 2 highlights of the day involved: 1. The he finale episode of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) 7 years of watching the show later, I was too excited for the finale on my Birthday and I have to say it did not disappoint – I love how they ended it! And number 2. I went to see Adele at Wembley Stadium – I actually have no words to describe this experience, it was so incredible on so many levels. To go to the show on my 20th was utterly insane, me, my mum and sister were all lost for words (quite literally – I did not stop singing the entire time aha) The show was a roller coaster of emotions from standing up, shouting and dancing to having tears stream down my face.

I feel so lucky, happy and blessed to have all of these wonderful experiences in my life,  I have done and achieved so many things before I even reached 20 and can’t wait for the next 20 years to see what happens!