Writing for Graduate Fashion Week

Whilst working at Graduate Fashion Week in June as their social media intern I was also given the opportunity to write for them. Today I thought I would share this with you as this is a proud achievement of mine! Firstly because I felt very happy to have been asked and have my writing published professionally, and secondly because I managed to write and submit the piece within 30 minutes – which for me is pretty amazing! Hope you enjoy the piece on the Boohoo talk we had at the event. Check out the rest of the GFW blog for everything that happened at the event here.

‘Our first GFW Live! talk of Day Three took place this morning with members from the talented team at Boohoo. Sophie Rycroft (Lead Buyer) and Janine Smith (Head of Buying) filled us in on just how amazing being a buyer really is. Both speakers chatted about their adoration for the Boohoo brand as well as the exhilarating pace of the fast fashion industry. The audience were eager to find out more.

If you’re looking for a job with Boohoo, Sophie Rycroft highlighted that passion, agility, creativity and teamwork are the 4 vital skills applicants certainly need to have. ‘Boohoo needs to be your everything’ stated Janine Smith as she discussed her feelings about the brand. Despite the cliché, our speakers insisted that a ‘passion for fashion’ really is the fundamental element for a successful career within the industry.

For those interested in a career in Buying this talk detailed countless tips on landing a job at Boohoo and insights into the vast experience our speakers have within the competitive industry, a truly stimulating discussion for our audience.’ – Emma Mitchell