Summer Bucket List

Now that I have finished University it is the SUMMER!!! My summer break from University is extremely long so I thought I would write out a couple of things I want to do over summer, in between my working schedule, before heading back to University for my final year in October.

Take a Weekend road trip somewhere

Taking a little trip away over the summer to have a break from work and explore somewhere England has to offer that I’ve never been to before.

Focus more on skincare

Skincare is becoming an increasingly interesting topic to me, and I find myself wanting to read more about skincare online than I do anything else. Having clear glow skin is a real goal of mine and I am going to try my best to accomplish this over the summer. As much as I also adore makeup I am going to be making a conscious decision to wear as little makeup on my skin as possible and let it breath in the fresh air.

Read at least 1 book

To most of you, having the goal to read only one book probably sounds ridiculous! However I really struggle to finish books due to being dyslexic, I haven’t read a book cover to cover since last summer – which I know is awful, but I will make this a mission for over the summer. Starting books, reading a few chapters, and then putting it on my bookshelf to look pretty is a skill of mine – but this needs to change and I will read at least one of them!

Eat outside

I adore the outdoors and the sunshine, any glimmer of sunshine and I want to be outside enjoying it. Something I really enjoy doing is eating outside, so over the summer (hopefully when it’s sunny) I am going to eat outside, as I know it always lifts my mood a puts a smile on my face.

Make plans for 2018

Over the summer my bestfriend will moving out to study in New York for a year, whilst this fills me with sadness that she will be leaving I am so excited for her and will be planning a trip to visit when I have finished University. I have a lot of ideas in my head about travel plans for next year – which I need to put down on paper and turn into a reality over the summer when I have some time to do research.

Wake up early in the morning

Waking up earlier in the morning, even if I have nowhere I need to be, enjoying the day and getting into the routine of liking early mornings!

What do you want to do over the summer? Let me know!!




  • Great summer list. Yes to road trips and great skincare. I have been focusing so much more on that since I got adult acne last year. I love eating outdoors in hot weather, but in Florida, it’s so hot right now lol Might have to wait until Autumn. lol Hope you check all these off your list!